Year 6 Transition Days

July 2019

Last week we held our Year 6 Transition Days at Ian Ramsey.

We asked the Year 6 how they felt the day had gone and these are some of the replies;

Data from the start of the days to the end of the days showed that 75% of the pupils felt more confident about starting at Ian Ramsey in September than they had before the transition days.

The highlights of the two days were: the lunch, and the selection that was offered, meeting their new tutor group, the PE lesson, the Creative Arts showcase and the Anti-Bullying workshop.

On the first morning pupils noted that they felt; Nervous but excited, nervous as there were so many other pupils, excited as it was a change from primary school, looking forward to making new friends, worried about getting bullied or getting lost, and the fact that everything was new. They did like the fact they were greeted at the door and pointed in the right direction.

By the end of the two days they felt; Still a bit worried about finding their way around, and still a bit nervous, but the staff were lovely and welcoming, it had been fun, it had helped with their nerves, especially the ant-bullying session, and they had made new friends.

Some of the best comments from pupils were;

“I am excited to start at Ian Ramsey because I loved every second of it!”

“This school is amazing and I’ll love starting in September.”

“I love this school it’s amazing!”

Nothing could be better than the last two days!”

And one parent said;

“I would just like to say a huge thank you to all staff for making my daughter’s transition days, in her own word, “amazing”. She has loved every minute of her first experiences at Ian Ramsey and cannot wait to start in September.”