Register Of Business Interests

The List below captures the Dayspring Trust’s (Ian Ramsey CE Academy) register of relevant business and pecuniary interests of members, trustees and senior employees.

The Trust has used discretion over the publication of interests of other individuals including parent, spouse, civil partner cohabitee and child.  The Trust has worked with their auditors and advisors to agree the level of detail on the website according to the apportioned risk.

Name Register of business interest
Recorded and complete
Venerable JS Bain Yes 10/03/15
G Booth Yes 10/03/15
Reverend M Anderson Yes 21/10/15
P Bowman-Reeves Yes      Resigned 6 Jan 2016 28/01/15
Reverend D Brooke Yes 29/01/16
K Dack Yes 23/02/15
Z Barraclough Yes      Resigned 21 Jul 2016 13/02/15
B Janes Yes 16/09/15
V Hall Yes 24/04/15
M Neish Yes 24/04/15
D Robinson Yes 12/10/14
J Shiel Yes 24/04/15
N Williams Yes 23/04/15
B Miller Yes 22/02/16

Click here for full details of Register of Business and Pecuniary Interests.