Results Day

July 2020


How to log in

Make sure you are logged out of your Outlook/Hotmail account before beginning.

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Log in using your child’s email and password. It will be in the format of for example




Dear Parents/Carers and Pupils,



As you will be aware, it has previously been announced that pupils being entered for GCSEs this year will receive their calculated GCSE results as normal on Thursday 20th August 2020.

Unfortunately, as government guidance is regularly updated, we are currently unable to provide you with any specifics other than GCSE results will be made available to all eligible pupils on the above date. Rest assured, as soon as guidance is received we will update parents, carers and pupils immediately about the final arrangements.

We are aware that some pupils may not wish to attend the Academy on results day. To help facilitate this, please could all pupils expecting GCSE results complete the electronic form using the GCSE results request link on the school website. 

On this form you will indicate how you would like to receive your results, including in person on the day. The deadline to complete this form is Monday 10th August 2020.

We appreciate it is frustrating that we are unable to share final details of results day with you at present. We will, of course, share any updates with you as soon as they are known.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs M McCarthy

Assistant Headteacher