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GCSE Information for Parents & Pupils – 2019-20

Year 11 GCSE Mock Examination Timetable (Nov 2020)

Pupil Information

The night before each exam, make sure you have all necessary equipment ready – pen
(black ink only), spare pen, pencils, pencil sharpener, eraser, ruler, calculator, protractor etc.
Put all of this into a transparent pencil case, a see-through bag or hold together with an
elastic band. You are not allowed to take other types of pencil cases into the exam. Tippex
or eraser pens are not allowed in
ANY exam.

Once you enter the examination room you may NOT borrow any equipment from another

You cannot take your bag into the examination room.

Unlabelled transparent water bottles are allowed in the exam room.

Sweets/food is NOT allowed in the examination room.

If you wear a wrist watch, this must be placed on your desk in view of an invigilator. Please
ensure you deactivate the alarm on your wrist watch. If this is not possible, do not wear it.

Mobile phones, MP3/4 players, ipods, smartwatches, data storage or similar devices should
NOT be taken into the examination room.

Where permitted, a calculator will be provided. Should you choose to bring your own
calculator, cases/operating instructions are not to be taken into the examination room.
Programmable calculators or electronic data banks/dictionaries are not allowed, you must
clear anything stored in your calculator’s memory.

Seating plans will be displayed outside the exam room and inside the main hall before each
It is usual practice to meet in the main hall prior to the start of an exam.

All examinations are conducted in silence. You must be silent on your way into the exam
room. You must not open or touch exam papers until instructed to do so, even if they are
already placed on your desks. Listen carefully to the invigilator instructions. Do not start
writing until you are told to do so. Please ensure you write your candidate number and
on your exam paper (this will be on the name card on your desk).

Any attempts at cheating will be reported to your parents and the Examination Board.
You will be asked to provide a written statement along with the invigilators and any
members of staff involved. The Examination Board can disqualify you from the
subject regardless of any other work you have completed in school. You would
therefore not receive a GCSE grade in that subject. Examples of suspected cheating
include having a mobile phone on your person (even if it is not turned on), not
removing your wrist watch, writing notes on your arms, attempting to talk to other
students etc.

At the end of each exam please return all borrowed equipment. You must remain silent until
outside the exam room.