Transition / Careers (Year 6 to Year 12)

We have good links with our main feeder primaries, even though our catchment covers a large area of Stockton, with us taking pupils from up to 26 primaries some years.

We have an admission limit of 237 at present and we are often oversubscribed. We hold an Open Evening early in the first term to allow yr6 pupils and their families to access the academy and see and experience what wonderful things we have to offer.

Our transition starts with a welcome letter to those who have successfully gained a place at Ian Ramsey. They are invited to a welcome meeting with the Head Teacher, HOY and key staff who will be working with them.

The academy offers a two day induction in July. All pupils, who will be attending in the following September, come in and get a taste of a day in the life of Ian Ramsey. They will get to meet their tutor and an introduction to some of the lessons. We also include team building activities, i.e. Visit to MFC. Parents get the opportunity to meet the tutor for their child in the evening following induction and see a showcase of what their child has taken part in over the 2 days.

We offer an enhanced induction for those pupils, identified by their primaries, who may need extra support. Key staff liaise closely with primaries collecting data on all pupils.

Following from the induction, all pupils are invited to take part in Summer school. This has been a highly successful programme that has become more popular each year. The pupils come in and have the freedom of the academy to explore without the rest of the school being here. Summer school offers a wide range of exciting activities such as: football, rounders, dance, art, orienteering, basketball, cricket, baking, karate, netball, clubbercise, 90ft inflatable and all-time favourite dodgeball.

A trip out to a local attraction is also included. On feedback from pupils, they have said how well they feel they know the school, now having been in for a week without all other pupils.

Since running Summer School, there has been evidence that those, who did engage in this, had a smoother and quicker settling in period during transition.

Transition beyond Ian Ramsey after Year 11 is also a key period in young people’s lives. Follow the links below for further information:

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