Pastoral Support

The clear aim of our pastoral team is to ensure that your child is happy, safe and fully enjoys their time here at Ian Ramsey Church of England Academy. Fulfilling this aim accelerates your child’s progress and contributes significantly to their emotional well-being.

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Alongside this, our pastoral team strives to provide a first-class support network, enabling each and every pupil to work to, and achieve his or her full potential, ensuring that any barriers to learning are overcome.

Developing the whole child underpins everything that we do as a pastoral team within school. We believe that the academic progress of your child is enhanced, when your child is happy, safe and enjoys what they do. We are a supportive and forward-thinking team, who prioritise the emotional well-being of our pupils. We also set high standards for pupil behaviour, attendance and punctuality.

An integral part of the Pastoral Support System at Ian Ramsey CE Academy is to take a leading role in tracking, monitoring and intervening with pupils who are underachieving academically.  Following each set of academic data on your child, Department, Area and Head of Year intervention will take place, if appropriate, to support your child in fulfilling or exceeding his or her target level or grade.

Our Pastoral Care Structure is made up of five Heads of Year, who follow their year group from Year 7 through to Year 11.  Our Heads of Year are:

Year 7 – Mr Kesterton

Year 8 – Mr Irving

Year 9 – Miss Twomey

Year 10 – Mrs Robson

Year 11 – Miss Cook