Home/School Agreement

As a pupil I will;

  • Come to school every day on time, unless I have a valid reason
  • Bring the right books and equipment for each day
  • Use my planner properly
  • Do my work to the best of my ability
  • Follow the school code of conduct and uniform
  • I will not use my mobile phone in school and will not refuse to hand it over to a member of staff if challenged
  • Show consideration for all members of the school community and respect
    for their property

As Parents/Guardians, I/we will;

  • Make sure that my child goes to school daily, on time and
    properly equipped
  • Make use of the school planner to communicate with school
  • Support the school’s Behaviour and Uniform policies
  • Let the school know of any issues that might affect my child’s work,
    behaviour or attendance
  • Treat staff and pupils with courtesy and respect

The school will:

  • Provide a balanced curriculum, meeting, wherever possible, the individual
    needs of the child
  • Keep you informed on your child’s progress and attendance
  • Encourage success and recognise effort and achievement
  • Promote a safe, caring environment
  • Develop clear lines of communication between home and school
  • Treat parents and pupils with courtesy and respect

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