Excellent attendance is absolutely vital to ensure your child fulfils his or her real potential at Ian Ramsey Church of England Academy. 90% attendance may sound excellent, but in fact, it isn’t!

  • 90% attendance = half a day off school per week (on average).
  • 90% attendance = 19.5 days off school per academic year.
  • 90% attendance = half a year off school over 5 years!!

A pupil with 90% attendance will drop by one GCSE grade per subject, on average.

  • By law, Ian Ramsey Church of England Academy must record in the attendance register whether the pupil is present twice daily; once during morning registration and once during afternoon lessons.
  • It is the legal responsibility of parents/carers to ensure that their child attends school regularly and to keep absences to a minimum.
  • If, for whatever reason, your child is absent from school, we ask parents/carers to contact school to report the absence, and the reason, as soon as possible or before 8.55am.

How can parents/carers encourage excellent attendance?

  • Trying to arrange, whenever possible, appointments with a doctor, dentist etc. for after school, at weekends or in the holidays.
  • Not taking any family holidays during term time, as students will miss vital teaching, which will impact on their achievements.
  • Providing a note whenever their child is going to be absent, if known in advance, or by contacting the school by telephone.

School will contact you if the above does not happen and involve our attendance service for pupils with low/concerning attendance without authorisation.