Message to Pupils: Hegarty Maths

March 2020

Good morning!

I thought I would message you to keep you updated with Hegarty Maths.

Hegarty Maths have purchased more servers (taking them from 4 to 18!) to deal with the surge in usage. They have created a webpage so you can see the current status of the website –

Currently, I have been able to log on to the site, but if it isn’t working for you can I suggest that you complete the work from some other subjects first, and try again later in the day. There appears to be less usage of the site in the evening, so it may be best to complete it then if at all possible.

As I said in yesterday’s message, we have started to put some worksheets on to Foldr too, which can be downloaded and completed in your blue books or paper at home.

All of your teachers are available to contact through email if you need further help. You will find their email addresses at

Stay safe!

Mr A. Bone
Director of Mathematics