More Able

At Ian Ramsey Church of England Academy, we recognise that all pupils of all abilities should be challenged to ensure:

  • high achievement;
  • the acquisition of skills that enable them to take risks;
  • resilience that drives them to find solutions;
  • the ability to be effective independent learners who know how to collaborate and communicate effectively with others safely across a range of media, digital and conventional;
  • ingenuity and inspiration.

In all years, we provide breadth of provision through the curriculum and enrichment, stretching and challenging academic depth and widening the participation of the most and more able in order to create opportunities for their talents and abilities to emerge. We promote the inclusion of the disadvantaged more able students to raise aspirations and narrow gaps in skills for life long success. By recognising and providing additional opportunities, we ensure that we develop an appropriate curriculum which creates opportunities for extension, enhancement and enrichment activities and thereby allow our MAT pupils to flourish


The identification of able, gifted and talented pupils is a process which the whole teaching and support staff participate in, as well as parents, carers and the children themselves.

The identification begins when a child joins the Academy. The Academy is keen to understand their achievements and interests in particular areas as they join the school. Discussions with parents and carers will enable us to create the best possible picture of the child, and records of awards and achievements in academic, sporting, musical, artistic and any extra-curricular activities will be helpful in this respect.

Both qualitative and quantitative information is used for identification purposes.

A programme of formative, summative (internal and external) assessment takes place to inform the MAT register alongside the analysis of results from Key Stage 2 SATs and reading ages.

 All subject areas have identified the most/more able pupils and tailor their Schemes of learning to stretch and challenge skills, knowledge and application. Curriculum Leaders have identified talents alongside academic performance to ensure that further challenge can drive success in extra-curricular activities.

Extension, enhancement and enrichment

Those pupils who are identified as being more academically able are closely monitored to ensure the right level of challenge in their work, encouraging self-confidence and independence in learning. A variety of differentiated classwork and homework promote the acquisition of skills, knowledge and understanding and foster critical and creative thought.

Whilst our prime concern is to cater for the academic needs of our most able and talented pupils, many benefits from the special events and classes provided through the support programme for targeted groups and our extensive extra-curricular programme.


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