We are extremely proud that Modern Languages have been at the core of the curriculum at Ian Ramsey since 2000. Virtually all of our pupils study either French or German throughout their school career and our results are consistently above national averages for languages, even compared to other schools where only a small number of children take GCSE.

In the Languages Area we also focus on our community cohesion work. We offer extra-curricular Latin, which is offered to all pupils in the Stockton area. We also offer Italian lessons, which are open to parents and pupils in the local area.

The Languages Area is made up of 7 members of staff, who teach a range of German, French, Spanish and Urdu. In addition we have 3 languages assistants who work in school from October to May each year. They give our pupils an up-to-date insight into life in the country and offer invaluable help at exam time to KS4 students.

We believe that it makes a huge difference to the language-learner to experience the opportunity to travel to a country where that language is spoken.

We organise short visits to France and to Germany, which are offered to the Year 7 students each year. In Year 8 we arrange longer visits to the Rhine Valley and to Paris, which are offered to the German and French pupils respectively. Pupils and staff enjoy these visits hugely and they provide a rich opportunity to experience a little of life in the country studied.

It’s wonderful to see the pupils’ confidence and enthusiasm grow as their linguistic independence develops.

Aims of the Languages Area

In the Languages Area, we aim to provide each pupil with the skills, confidence, understanding and experience to cope with the unpredictability and demands of their future lives. Competence in a language broadens the young person’s choice of paths in life.

Learning a language develops a person’s ability to communicate, to think logically and to persevere. Taking part in one of our many foreign visits or exchanges allows learners to see the world through different eyes. These experiences outside the classroom allows the pupils to benefit from the accelerated learning that can only come through the challenges of travelling abroad.

We encourage our pupils to remember that knowledge of another language improves the learner’s chances of gaining a place at university and a well-paid and satisfying career. By shaking off the limitations of monolingualism, our pupils – as active global citizens – will be able to view the world with a deeper understanding of themselves and others.

We aim also to nurture the ambition, innate to most pupils, to be able to speak another language fluently. We see our role here at Ian Ramsey CE Academy as just one important step in a lifetime of languages learning; if we can develop the empathy, enthusiasm and open-mindedness they already feel for the world around them, pupils will lead a richer life.

Topics / Areas of Study:

Some topics appear twice. Each time they are studied in more depth.

Year 7

  • Myself
  • School
  • Free time
  • My local area
  • Holiday activities

Year 8

  • The media
  • Paris
  • My identity
  • Celebrations
  • Talents


Year 9

  • Outings
  • Holidays
  • Friendships
  • Free time
  • Where I live

Year 10

  • School
  • Jobs and Work Experience
  • Tourism

Year 11

  • Lifestyles
  • The Environment
  • In-depth revision

GCSE Examinations

Year 9 & 10

The GCSE examinations test candidates in four key skills. They are weighted as follows:
Listening – 25%
Speaking – 25%
Reading – 25%
Writing – 25%

Year 11

The GCSE examinations test candidates in four key skills. They are weighted as follows:
Listening – 25%
Reading – 25%
Speaking – 25%
Writing – 25%

All examinations take place during the Public Examination Period in May – June of Year 11.
There are no controlled assessments in Languages.