Art & Design

The Art department is an exciting, inspirational area where pupils take part in developing skills and experiment with a wide variety of media when recording from observation, memory or imagination.

Schemes of work are designed to create opportunities for pupils to explore the work of historical, contemporary or cultural art styles and genres. Pupils are encouraged to express opinions about and justify preferences for different kinds of art, taking account of different viewpoints. Through the development of ideas and images pupils learn to explore issues, events and problems from different perspectives and viewpoints, therefore encouraging creative thinking. The assessment criteria and project requirements at KS3 form a basis for easy transition to KS4 GCSE or BTEC examinations.

Aims of the Department:

  • To help pupils develop lively, enquiring minds and respond creatively to ideas and experiences.
  • To increase the pupils’ knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the physical: human and natural environment.
  • To heighten a pupils visual and intellectual awareness by offering a wide range of practical experiences with media and techniques.
  • To encourage exploration and the enthusiasm to research, select, make and evaluate.
  • To record from direct observation or personal experience.
  • To develop an awareness, understanding and appreciation of art from a variety of genres and styles, making valid judgments and criticism of their own work and that of other artists

Topics / Areas of Study

Year 7

  • Tone, line & form- looking at the work of 20th century artists such as Fletcher Benton and Ben Nicholson, linking with abstraction and markmaking.
  • Colour- learning about colour theory and studying the work of Sonia Delaunay or aboriginal art.
  • Andy Warhol: printing- learning how mass production shaped the art world .

Year 8

  • Africa- learning about art work from other cultures, new media and techniques
  • Perspective- learning the technicalities of one and two point perspective.
  • Identity- pupils will be introduced to the basics of portraiture and look at Lichtenstein’s Pop Art illustrated characters.

Year 9

  • Portraiture- Study portraiture in depth looking at influences such as Day of the Dead- studying cultural beliefs and colourful artwork from Mexico. Studying the work of Jose Posada and/ or Sylvia Ji. Pupils will have the opportunity to learn sculptural techniques when work with clay and studying the work of appropriate ceramic artists.
  • Landscapes- Pupils will explore the mixed media techniques of textile art, looking at the work of local artist Maggie Smith. They will be encouraged to explore either built or rural landscapes and incorporate their own photographic documentation of these themes. ICT manipulation will also be incorporated into this project.



Year 10 & 11

  • Painting and drawing- Portraits- looking at and exploring the work of Giacometti and Shawn Shepherd, making connections with the work they do and the media used. They will develop their own ideas in response to the topic.
  • Mixed media – Pupils respond to the work of Bryan Holland and natural form, creating layering experiments with mixed media. Pupils make connections with the work they do and the artist. Develop their own ideas in response to the topic.
  • Pupils will sit a mock exam in Y11 within the first term. After pupils have been assessed for this, extra time will be given to refine and modify all projects.
  • The final exam paper will be given at the end of January to coincide with the coursework deadline.