Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a motivational programme to encourage independent reading. Ian Ramsey has run this programme with Year 7and 8 pupils for a number of years now. Accelerated Reader has successfully helped to increase the literacy and comprehension skills of our pupils. Your child will have one Accelerated Reader lesson a fortnight.

The programme is very simple. Your child will take an online quiz for every book they read over the academic year and get immediate feedback, which will motivate them to make progress with their reading skills. Encourage your child to bring home their TOPS report. This report will contain all the information from the quiz they have taken.

Every Year 7 pupil will complete an online reading test that will set their reading level. This is to ensure they are reading appropriately challenging books. There are thousands of titles on the Accelerated Reading data base. You can check if a book, your child is reading, will have an Accelerated reader quiz by accessing