Blended Learning and Y11 Intervention

November 2020

Please find link below to information regarding our approach to blended learning, including remote learning for pupils required to self-isolate. Details of how pupils can access work, as well as the additional learning packages available to pupils along with information about how pupils can access these resources, via the Academy website.

Year 11 Intervention

After receiving updated guidance released on Friday 6th November, and after seeking further clarification from the Department of Education, a review of planned intervention has taken place.  We are implementing a blended learning approach, using online and classroom-based interventions, to support pupils.

 It is important to recognise that intervention does not always require face-to-face teacher delivery, nor will all pupils require the same form of intervention. Where pupils require the use of specialist equipment, this must take place in school. Other interventions may take place either after school or online via live sessions, or pre-recorded sessions. Specialist online packages are also available allowing pupils to access additional work and complete independently. Interventions will target areas identified as requiring development; this will be different for different pupils.

 We encourage all Year 11 pupils to access the resources available to them on the Remote Learning section of the Academy website, including targeted work placed on Google Classroom, which will be supported by work in class or will revisit prior learning. At this time, like no other, pupils will be required to develop the independence and self-regulation needed to complete work set so teachers can assess and adapt learning to meet their needs.

 We will do all we can to support our pupils through the year ahead and to meet all of their needs, either collectively or on an individual basis.

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