SEN/Learning Support

The department is a caring, lively area that encourages pupils to develop into adults who are ready to enter the world of work confidently and with a sense of purpose. We support pupils in all areas of the curriculum and in extra-curricular activities.

Aims of the Department: 
We are committed to ensuring that all pupils achieve their full potential regardless of their difficulties. We recognise that some pupils need to access a differentiated curriculum which still makes learning challenging, enjoyable yet achievable. Pupils’ needs are our top priority and our aim is to be proactive, ensuring that your child’s journey through Ian Ramsey is a productive and successful partnership.
We liaise with primary schools to ensure a smooth transition into Ian Ramsey. We ensure that we have all the relevant information regarding pupils with special needs. We arrange extra visits by our staff to build relationships with vulnerable or anxious pupils. We want the transition from primary to secondary school to be a positive experience.

Topics / Areas of Study 
Key Stage 3

We have a small group of no more than sixteen pupils who work on a differentiated curriculum and are taught in a discrete group. These pupils may have literacy difficulties or be more vulnerable and so need extra help to make the transition to secondary. From year 8 onwards these pupils are reintegrated for most currciulum subjects and additional support is given where appropriate.

Key Stage 4 

A small group of pupils are taught a more vocational timetable. They study:

  • GCSEs,
  • 2 option subjects,
  • a Prince’s Trust qualification – Personal Skills and Employability